About Hidden Monster Games B.V.

Many people like the challenge, competition and social aspects of online gaming. However, they don’t like to get into complicated games because it requires too much time investment to learn the games.

Our games get you in the action within seconds. They are great to play with or against friends. Although easy to learn and play, they are challenging to become very good at. By testing our games on the web first, analyze data and interview players, we design games that the players want to play.

We believe that great games are made by great teams. To shape a great team, we make sure that team players have the possibility to become experts in their fields. See what else we are doing on our instagram

  • Seeking Freelance 2D Game Artist to work in new studio in Amsterdam

    Hidden Monster Games B.V. Hidden Monster Games B.V.
    • Freelance
    • 1 year ago