Blue Giraffe Games is expanding its team and looking for a fulltime producer to support the growth.

Your role as a Producer at Blue Giraffe is to enable our employees to work efficiently and towards a common goal. You will lead the team from concept to final product. You are responsible for keeping the overview of our games, to know who’s working on what, what the current highest priorities are and how we are progressing as a whole.


As Producer you are integral part of the Blue Giraffe studio and you help structure, coordinate and communicate with all stakeholders. You help materialise ideas into tangible games and understand that it doesn’t stop at launch.

You enjoy working with people, are flexible and love to fix things. You understand creativity requires headspace, but also clear goals to work towards. You’re enthusiastic, loving and you care deeply for the team and the games we create.


  • Vision alignment within the team
  • Keeping a production overview of our games
  • Setting up a realistic production schedule for our games
  • Setting up the milestones for our games
  • Can motivate and manage a team
  • Can give constructive feedback
  • Can create structure in a chaotic bunch
  • Is flexible and able to adjust
  • Celebrate deliveries of milestones
  • Candidate requirement
  • 5+ years experience in the games industry
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in managing game productions sizing 8 to 18 months turnaround
  • Love for story driven games
  • Is full of ideas and can jump in as a designer if needed
  • Understands artists, designers, and programmers well

Blue Giraffe Games is a casual game studio, located in Eindhoven – The Netherlands.

About Blue Giraffe Games


We create games that are all about characters. We take great care in creating a compelling story and crafting beautiful products that are a joy to play.


If you ask the giraffes to describe themselves, you’ll hear a wide range of personal stories around enjoying building games, crafting beautiful characters, worlds and materialising games using our own technology. Mostly told with a big smile and pride for who they are and what they do. Blue Giraffe is about a deep passion around creating games. It’s build around people that have been in the industry for 20+ years, yet with room for youngsters. It’s about television addicts, comic lovers, creative artists, who need to self express by sculpting, coding, drawing and writing. The giraffes have a strong emotional bond with the products they build. There is a sense of absolute pride in this place about building games. With respect to players. Why? Because every time we get excited reading reviews on AppStore, Facebook and Steam, they instantly get shared in our group chat. We pride ourselves on a cut-the-bullshit mentality and just build it when it comes to our games. We don’t mind discussing what is good and talking about what needs to be improved. We do this by keeping everyone close to the products we build. As a team. Where each member of the studio is part of the greater story of Blue Giraffe and as such is just as important as one another.