Do you want to make good looking and well performing web games for a wide variety of devices? Do you want to help create real-time multiplayer games, played by millions? Hidden Monster Games is in search of a senior JavaScript developer that wants to join our studio to create accessible, competitive online multiplayer games. We want a programmer who will help us add a lot of juice, polish and fun to our games. Join our small team, where you can have a direct influence on almost every facet on our games and studio… and earn a good salary.


Work at Hidden Monster Games

Hidden Monster Games is working on expanding its very popular game ‘Curve Fever’. Curve Fever has millions of fans, but we want to re-envision the game in HTML5 for web and mobile, as well as creating other competitive, accessible multiplayer HTML5 games.

Key aspects of your role will be to:

–       make games in Pixi.js and React

–       write clean code with the help of TypeScript

–       implement stunning graphics, effects and animations

–       optimize HTML5 games for a variety of devices


Our development philosophy

–       Small agile team

–       Scrum with biweekly sprints

–       Community focused design

–       Share our progress with the player community

–       Share our progress with the game development community



We believe that great teams make great games. This means that we:

–       set clear goals

–       have the freedom to decide how the goals of the team are best served

–       share ideas inside and outside of the team, so we can continually improve ideas and process

–       practice respectful collaboration

–       always try to learn and improve ourselves

We heavily value a team of professionals with a deep understanding of their specialization and understand what it takes to work together to make great games. Therefore, we put a lot of effort in clear communication and encourage team members to go to events, near and far. Once a year we all attend one major gaming conference. Last year we went to GDC.

We provide the team with all the necessary tools, equipment and an awesome and inspiring environment. We frequently have lunch together and it is not unusual for us to grab a beer and play a game after work.



We are situated in the vibrant city-center of Amsterdam, right behind the Dam square. This allows for inspiring walks over the cobblestone streets, canals and through the picturesque scenery of the city. Our studio is on the top floor with a great view of the city-skyline from our large windows and balcony.

The studio itself is spacious and inspiring, with some cool graphics on the walls. It is an open workspace, but we put a lot of effort to enable focused work. The studio is fully equipped for brainstorming and collaboration. Among our work spaces we have a lounge, meeting room, balcony and a quiet room. This enables our diverse team to work in different locations and get fresh perspectives to find solutions.



–       3+ years professional experience in JavaScript

–       Deep understanding of Pixi.js and React

–       Knowledge of pixi.js and React libraries and tools

–       At least a Bachelor degree

–       Willing to relocate, the job is onsite in Amsterdam

–       Willing to expand your knowledge

–       Experience working with scrum

–       Give constructive feedback on design, process and people

–       Receive constructive feedback on design, process and people

–       Wear multiple hats, and help out in other areas when necessary

–       The job is a full time job


We offer

–       A small team (8 people) that is talented and ambitious

–       The possibility to shape a team and company

–       A professional team culture built on trust

–       Direct impact on the game and input on game design and art

–       An attractive office in the city center of Amsterdam

–       Help with relocation



Competitive salary, also compared to other sectors, depends on experience.


Apply by sending a cover letter, CV and example source code [email protected] .

About Hidden Monster Games

Many people like the challenge, competition and social aspects of online gaming. However, they don’t like to get into complicated games because it requires too much time investment to learn the games.

Our games get you in the action within seconds. They are great to play with or against friends. Although easy to learn and play, they are challenging to become very good at. By testing our games on the web first, analyze data and interview players, we design games that the players want to play.

We believe that great games are made by great teams. To shape a great team, we make sure that team players have the possibility to become experts in their fields. See what else we are doing on our instagram