About the job

As a game programmer at Kucheza, you’ll join our passionate development team to further develop various aspects of our new game and the framework we’re making the game in. You’ll mainly be working on features for the game, but working on side-applications, databases and the development of our internal tools is possible as well if you’re interested.

Required skills and experience

  • Strong C# programming skills (or another .NET language)
  • At least basic knowledge of and practical experience with the Unity3D engine
  • Comfortable adapting to and working on an existing codebase
  • Being a team player

Bonus points for

  • Knowledge of (and preferably experience with) Git
  • Knowledge of (and preferably experience with) MongoDB databases
  • Software design and architecture skills
  • Passion for (serious) games
  • Passion for really dry humor, silly jokes and table tennis

About Kucheza BV

Kucheza is a serious game company that develops games for young people and entrepreneurs. Our games are used for training purposes in African countries and are not just educational, but also fun to play. Using our games, players experience what it’s like to be a farming-entrepreneur and what the benefits are of working together with other farmers. With our games, we encourage entrepreneurial skills in the agricultural and food sector. We are currently working on a new game with new supporting technology that offers both technical and gameplay challenges.

More information on Kucheza can be found on our website: www.kucheza.nl