Our office is a creative, ambitious, energetic and open work environment. You will not only have the opportunity to work with a bunch of awesome and dedicated people, we offer more… A wonderful view on the port of Rotterdam, personal and professional development opportunities. And for those who dare we have a weekly boxing class so you can connect with your colleagues and stay fit at the same time.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, experienced and analytically well-developed game designer, who aspires to design games with the goal of positively changing players’ behaviors.

This job entails working in multidisciplinary teams together with other professionals, like visual designers, programmers and project managers. You lead creative sessions where you define clear problem definitions, project goals and initial solutions, in collaboration with clients, domain experts and your team! Furthermore, you translate (complex) project goals and customer questions to innovative, effective and motivating gaming concepts which create value for clients as well as end users. Therefore, you are able to develop suitable designs.

You have:

  • Demonstrable strong analytical and mathematical skills. Next to being able to unscramble complex problems in a systematical way you are also able to explain corresponding solutions clearly to others.
  • Affinity with data-oriented/data-driven design, think of: underpinning design choices with the help of data, formulating design issues like testable hypotheses, being knowledgeable about data analytics and experienced with data visualization.
  • Relevant job experience and HBO/WO (applied/academic) thinking level; experience in the development of serious/applied games is an advantage, as well as affinity with designing and implementing score models and/or virtual economies.
  • A passion for games and interactive media, you are constantly informed about the trends and newest developments within our branch.

You see yourself:

  • Working independently, you can take design decisions, are self-critical, will take full responsibility and ownership over your own work and you can handle feedback from others.
  • Being creative, inventive, able to think out-of-the-box; knowledgeable about creative techniques so that you can create effective and feasible solutions.
  • Being a teamplayer with good communicational skills; you can clearly define and explain designs to your team and the clients.

Interested? Help us to hire you: please summarize what makes you of great value to our team. Please send your CV and motivation letter to [email protected]  We would also like to see your online portfolio followed with your contributions to those projects and why you made certain design choices.

About &ranj

&ranj is a serious gaming company working for national and international clients in the corporate, healthcare and education industry. We work on challenging and innovative products which aim at knowledge sharing and behavioral change. We believe that positive behavioral change can be best achieved through play. By our motto: ‘Together we build a brighter future’ we aim to have measurable impact on as many people as possible.