TinyBuild is an indie game developer and publisher known for titles such as SpeedRunners, Hello Neighbor and many more. We are currently looking for an engineer to help bring our games to consoles and PC platforms. We offer a competitive salary and a fast paced and quality-driven work environment located in beautiful Hilversum, NL.

Platform Engineer responsibilities include integrating features unique to each platform, participating in external code base collaboration and finding code solutions for making the porting process more efficient. Our ideal candidate has extensive experience in Unity and/or Unreal Engine and understands the process for getting games on Playstation, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.


  • Help generate code solutions for various game platforms
  • Devise creative solutions to handle performance issues and bug fixes per project
  • Managing constantly changing engines, platforms, and internal technical needs
  • Keep good documentation on working methods and progress, and co-operate nicely within the team
  • Implement tools to help improve coding, build delivery, and QA efficiency
  • Interface with external developers


  • Proven experience with Unity and/or Unreal Engine
  • Strong ability to code in C++ and C#
  • Understanding of performance monitoring tools and the ability to implement solutions
  • Ability to understand and improve external code bases
  • Knowledge of SDKs and APIs and how they interface with code, test hardware and online systems
  • Can work within the demands of production, engineering, marketing, and platform needs


About tinyBuild

tinyBuild is an indie game developer and publisher. We've worked on and published SpeedRunners, Hello Neighbor, Punch Club, Party Hard and many others, not only to Steam, but to Xbox One, PS4, Switch and other consoles too. Through building in-house tools in our Hilversum office, and opening a new office for production in Seattle, we're preparing to scale up in 2018, facilitating higher fidelity games and more experienced developers!

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