About KeokeN Interactive

KeokeN Interactive is a young independent game development company founded by Koen Deetman, Johan Terink and Paul Deetman in 2013. The company was born from a mutual passion for developing immersive and compelling 3D gaming experiences. Our basic principles and different market approach have made a unique player of us in the global Indie market. The people at KeokeN Interactive believe that we are active in the game experience industry instead of the game development industry. This focus has given KeokeN Interactive the opportunity to obtain highly talented individuals with the same drive, varying from arts, design, IT and business backgrounds. We want to support the professionalization and be pioneers of the upcoming 3D Indie era. We aim to develop one of the richest game experiences, because we believe that real Indie games can offer comparable quality to current AAA games.

We are currently working on our title "Deliver Us The Moon". We develop our games within the Unreal Engine 4 and work with the well-known Agile project management framework called Scrum.

  • INTERNSHIP: Illustrator/2D Game Artist

    KeokeN Interactive Ambitious Developer working on Deliver Us The Moon
    • Internship
    • 2 years ago