About SOEDESCO Publishing B.V

SOEDESCO is a worldwide publisher of both digital and physical games on multiple platforms. We have been active in the game industry since 2002 and ventured into publishing in 2014, with our headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of genres and includes titles such as Monstrum, Owlboy, Among the Sleep, Monster Crown, Teslagrad and Remothered: Tormented Fathers. We also publish our own IPs including Truck DriverĀ®, Adam's VentureĀ®, and Real Farm.

We are a diverse organization that carries out a wide range of activities. From the core of our internal values to the external message that we want to convey towards our community, we stand for the ideology that everything is in your own hands. Whether in real life situations or in the virtual world: 'it's in your hands!'

SOEDESCO consists of four different divisions who work closely together in order to make sure that all our projects turn into a great success. We have a Communications, Creative, Producing and Development department. Read more about what each division entails below.