About Steam Data Suite

Steam Data Suite started out as an internal tool to help us manage our customers' needs in 2018. Since then the toolset has grown into a robust web service that we intend to offer to every developer and publisher on Steam. This year we are scaling up the team and releasing the product beyond our closed beta.

As a startup, we’re small, flexible, and fast-moving. We work as a functional team in which adding value for our customers is our primary focus. We have no deadlines and define our own KPIs. Our agile approach aims to give each member of the team autonomy and ownership of their work.

We’re building a company culture that is informal and flexible. We understand that work isn’t the only thing in your life. And as a startup, we can’t possibly provide all the amazing perks you get at an established international firm. But, together, we can find a balance that works for all of us. And as a thank you for joining us at this early stage, you’ll benefit from our profit-sharing program.

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