About Wolfdog Interactive

Wolfdog Interactive is a Dutch game development studio specializing in Virtual Reality. Founded back in 2014, the studio was one of the first companies to fully focus on the creation of VR entertainment games.  We use all our VR knowledge to bring you the most immersive and interactive experience possible, with games that are designed from the ground up for VR.

We created one of the first VR strategy gamess called Skyworld for PC and PSVR, and we are now working VR Dungeon Knight, an immersive and cooperative dungeon crawler and Panther VR, a Stealth-action sandbox.

But that’s not all we do, visualization and serious gaming play a big role in our production as well. Together with companies and educational institutions, we’re always looking for a fun, effective and easy way to visualize or promote a product or location. Through the use of gaming, we can make it possible to train and support people with their jobs and daily lives.

  • Unity Developer – Internship (From 2021 Q3)

    Wolfdog Interactive Dutch VR Developer
    • Internship
    • Posted 3 weeks ago