Codeglue is looking for talented, creative game artists, including VFX specialists, to complete their development team. Students with a passion for video games and game design are invited to apply. Note that this is an opening for students!

Currently we’re working on an original IP called Spellbenders. Spellbenders is a team-based online action game that uses collectible spell cards to let players create their own character class.

What kind of interns are we looking for? Here are some pointers from our artist:

  • Since we are a small team, versatility is a must. We like people who can combine 2D and 3D skills and can assist in every aspect of game art creation, from sketching to concept art and from modeling and UV mapping to texturing.
  • A good combination between skills in game art and game design is also appreciated. It’s not just about being able to make beautiful art, creativity and a certain level of insight into game design is also very important.
  • A flexible style. We work with different visual styles and methods all the time. This is quite a big thing to demand from students but if you can adapt your art to fit different visual styles, you are that much more valuable to a company.
  • A well designed portfolio does wonders! Don’t just put in finished work but show us your process too! Make sure that all your pictures have a decent resolution and show any 3D models in the sketchfab or marmoset viewer.
  • An understanding of the art fundamentals. Of course we don’t expect a mastery of them, but we value interns who are familiar with the concepts.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Maya, Substance painter, zBrush, Unity and/or Unreal.
  • Likes to work in a team.

Now, don’t go running for the hills if this doesn’t describe you in detail! To be honest, finding somebody that has all these qualities is rare. If even one of the above properties describes you or if you think you are just so good that we need to see your portfolio anyway, please contact us! We look at every application and portfolio seriously!

Please submit your cover letter and resume to: [email protected]

About Codeglue

Codeglue is a game development studio based in the vibrant urban city center of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Founded in 2000 by two University friends, Codeglue nowadays develops games for PC and for the latest generation of consoles. Our games feel great to play, have a note-worthy art style and have an innovative design angle. We love to work together with other fellow game developers and we're always tinkering with the latest innovations whether it's virtual reality, augmented reality or blockchain technology.