Codeglue is looking for talented programmers that are familiar with either Unity, Unreal or custom c++ engines to complete their development team.
Students with a passion for programming and videogames are invited to apply for this internship position. Note that this is an opening for students!

What kind of interns are we looking for? Here are some pointers from our programmers:

– Good understanding of the basics. We understand you cannot have 10 years of programming experience, but a solid understanding of C++ and/or C# isn’t too much to ask for. A good understanding of math is a plus!

– We are a small team, you have to be versatile. We don’t have dedicated AI, network or tools programmers, every programmer can do (almost) everything here. We expect that from interns as well.

– Team Play is a must! Although you need to be able to work by yourself, teamwork is very important at Codeglue. Be it via Slack, email or just walking over to a colleague.

– Show us your code. The only way for us to judge your capabilities is throughout your previous work, so send over some code-bits you are most proud of!

– Passion for technology and (video)games is important to us. New gadgets, videogames or last weeks DnD session are the usual conversation topics at the lunch table.

So in short, if you like programming, games and think you have what it takes, then send your cover letter, resume and code to: [email protected]

About Codeglue

Codeglue is a high quality game development & porting studio. We develop, enhance and port games from and to any platform imaginable!

We love to think of ourselves as collaborative technology specialists: We love to collaborate with publishers and other game developers, and we’re always tinkering with the latest innovations in gaming like VR, AR and blockchain technology.

Codeglue was founded in 2000 by Maurice Sibrandi and Peter de Jong. They have known each other since pre-university where they became friends and shared their love for the Commodore Amiga 500. At university they graduated developing a platformer game for the now extinct Philips CD-i player. Extinct or not, this kickstarted their love for game development and led them to founding Codeglue in 2000, where they focused on developing games for the digital download era.