We at Codeglue are looking for a game art intern, specifically VFX, to join our team in the coming months. Codeglue is a cozy game development and porting studio in Rotterdam. We have co-created titles such as Action Henk and Ibb&Obb, as well as ported games like Terraria and Human: Fall Flat. Next to these projects we also work on our own games.

Currently we’re working on an original IP called Spellbenders. Spellbenders is a team-based online action game that uses collectible spell cards to let players create their own character class. Think MOBA but with Hearthstone and D&D elements mixed in. http://codeglue.com/portfolio/spellbenders/

The game is still in the early phases of development so we are looking for someone who is able to quickly prototype as well as produce ship-worthy content.

If VFX is not your main area of expertise but you would still like to work with us, feel free to send an application to [email protected]

Other skills that might get you a position as an art intern:

  • 3D modelling skills
  • 2D/3D animation skills
  • Concepting and illustration skills
  • UI skills
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Maya, Substance painter, zBrush and/or Unity
  • Good sense of color and shape
  • Motivation to learn new things
  • Likes to work in a team

We look forward to seeing your work!

About Codeglue

Codeglue is a small independent Dutch game studio that creates games with a focus on pure simple and original gameplay. As a tech-savvy company, Codeglue combines helping other indie studios bring their games to new platforms with developing our own original IP. We are currently working on our own 4v4 online battle arena game called Antegods and recently we also created the smartphone and 3DS versions of indie-hit Terraria.