Lead Security Engineer: 0,8-1,0 FTE

Job Description

We are looking for a new Lead Security Engineer to lead and develop our security team! You will work very closely with lead developers to strengthen and design the security of our internal systems. Are you familiar with web3 and blockchain integrations? Does an authentic, self-steering and driven team culture inspire you? Do you have a curious, ambitious work attitude?


  • Working closely with the lead game developer, lead systems engineer and lead smart contract engineer to ensure that our systems are secure
  • Providing advice to the development team from the perspective of cyber security
  • Making decisions for DreamFuel games related to cyber security
  • Setting up company security processes
  • Foreseeing and advising development team on potential security
  • Implementing small changes on a technical level


  • Have 10+ years in IT Engineering andor Cyber Security Engineering
  • Have a solid working knowledge of ITIL (ITIL Certification preferred)
  • Possess a good understanding of Industry Security standards (ie ISO27001/2, NIST Cyber Security Framework, etc.)
  • Are interested in and possess knowledge of web3 & blockchain integrations
  • Have excellent knowledge of technical leadership and information analysis
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) designing, engineering, implementing, operating and supporting a Cryptographic Infrastructure consisting of such elements as; Enterprise Key Management
  • Can work in an international team where giving and receiving feedback is key
  • Are able to work independently and autonomously
  • Take initiative
  • Have an open and curious mind
  • Are fluent in verbal and written English
  • Are based in the Netherlands

Additional Information:
You can apply for this position by submitting your motivational letter, CV and portfolio to [email protected] or by visiting our website (www.infinityskies.io/positions). If you would like to receive more specific information about the vacancy, please contact Samuel Whitcomb, via [email protected]

About DreamFuel Games

DreamFuel Games aspires to bring innovation, creativity, passion, and joy to the industry, by merging decentralized finance with traditional video games. Charging in as true pioneers with the tide of modernization that decentralized applications can bring to the video games we all love. Our mission is to bring smiles to faces all over the world by creating video games with polished well thought out gameplay.

Our team and network consists of both national and international artists, programmers and designers with a variety of expertise and experience. Due to our international team we run a hybrid setup with people working both from the office and remotely, this means there is almost always someone to go to with questions or feedback.

As a startup we pride ourselves in our team members and are working on producing a culture based on the following principles:

  • Freedom & Responsibility: our tasks are our own. Nobody breathes down each other’s neck to get something done, we trust that if someone takes on a task they will finish it.
  • Giving and receiving feedback: everyone in our team is human and we treat them as such, providing both positive and constructive feedback when appropriate and asking for feedback from others.
  • Healthy work life balance: We believe that we can only do our best work when we ourselves are at our best. We try to establish clear work hours, and encourage each other to take breaks when necessary.
  • Authenticity: our professional-selves equal our home-selves, we are not shy to share our vulnerabilities, ask for help, or share a nice song or video with each other.
  • Kind and respectful to others: we foster a work environment where we share feedback often, this pushes us to be better but can sometimes be difficult to hear or share. That is why we make sure that we are always respectful and kind to our colleagues (even when we give or receive constructive feedback).
  • Creativity: creativity comes in all shapes and forms. That is exactly why we love working with a diverse group of people. We advocate the sharing of ideas and products so we can encourage and learn from one another.
  • Passion: passion sits at the heart of what we do. We believe in and are driven by our passion for our games where we will stop at nothing to make them the best that they can be!