Do you enjoy being closely connected to animators, modelers, designers and programmers? And you know all about rigging, skinning, scripting, tool building and animation implementation in a game engine? Great, we want to hire you so apply now please!

Force Field being one of the most experienced studios in the creation of unique VR games and experiences, we have recently started pre-production on a highly ambitious AAA VR game. Realistic, close-up creatures are at the core of this project and we aspire to greatly enhance the studio’s animation abilities on this field. To pull it off we need your help on all technical aspects of animation.



* In Maya: create custom rigs, scripts and tools to streamline the animation workflow and pipeline
* In Unreal Engine 4: setup animation and character Blueprints, tweak blend trees to animation perfection
* Work with and advice the animators, character artists, game designers and programmers


* Expert in rigging and skinning
* Advanced knowledge of scripting languages in Maya (Python and MEL); – C# or C++ knowledge
* Experience with facial animation and cinematic pipelines
* Experience with ART in Maya and UE4
* Affinity and experience with VR games
* Experience implementing, setting up and tweaking animations in a game engine (UE4 preferred)
* Able to work with both hand keyed and motion captured animations
* An eye for core animation principles (timing, weight etc.)
* Modeling & texturing knowledge to advice 3D modelers on deformations etc.


* You enjoy a supporting, facilitating role but are also pro-active and engaging
* You actively look for opportunities to make the animation workflow smoother and the quality better
* You’ve experienced at least one full production cycle in a high-quality game project and similar role


* A culture that values a healthy work-life balance
* Studio location in the heart of Amsterdam
* Flexible working hours
* Benefits according to experience and job
* 26 Standard vacation days with an option to buy 5 more
* A healthy lunch buffet with regular hot meals and specials
* 30% Income tax ruling for eligible expats
* Relocation cost compensation depending on your situation
* Free pension plan
* Free train commuting when living outside of Amsterdam
* Group activities and an annual VR game jam
* Friday afternoon drinks
* The latest VR hardware which you can borrow and take home

About Force Field Entertainment

Force Field is one of the world’s largest development studios dedicated solely to developing state of the art Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), creating high-end games, innovative TV & video content, unique interactive experiences and groundbreaking applications.

Force Field is looking for the best creative talent to help us develop to help us develop the next generation of these new forms of digital content. Come join our international team in the center of Amsterdam.