As a Senior VFX Artist you create amazing real-time visual effects, using both existing and innovative techniques. Your VFX expertise covers shader effects and animations, particle systems, precomputed simulations, prerendered texture sequences (flipbooks), post FX etc. You are a one-man VFX army, able to do all the above while considering the performance limitations of mobile VR hardware.



Create high quality VFX in a range of techniques and styles;
Research and implement new, innovative VFX techniques;
Monitoring VFX impact on performance and adjusting accordingly.



-Strong artistic insight and feeling for timing and animation -Possess proven technical ability; from content creation to getting it to run in game -Deep knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 shaders, blueprint, particle systems, etc. -Good understanding of performance implications and optimizations -Established modeling and texturing ability -Strong knowledge of pixel and vertex shaders -Working experience of Houdini


-Substance Painter & Designer experience -Knowledge of MEL/Python -Understanding of CGFX and/or HLSL shader languages



-You have a passion for creating real-time rendered visual effects and are constantly looking to improve existing techniques -You have an interest in both technical systems and aesthetics, and how they influence each other -Your background is in games or related fields, with multiple years of experience



A culture that values a healthy work-life balance;
Studio location in the heart of Amsterdam;
Flexible working hours;
Benefits according to experience and job;
26 Standard vacation days with an option to buy 5 more;
A healthy lunch buffet with regular hot meals and specials;
30% Income tax ruling for eligible expats;
Relocation cost compensation depending on your situation;
Free pension plan;
Free train commuting when living outside of Amsterdam;
Group activities and an annual VR game jam;
Friday afternoon drinks;
The latest VR hardware which you can borrow and take home.
For this vacancy we only consider candidates that are eligible to work in the EU (no visa required).

About Force Field Entertainment

Force Field History

Force Field was created in 2015 when Vanguard Games merged with a VR startup. The company is led by two industry veterans, Chief Creative Officer Martin de Ronde (Co-Founder of Guerilla Games and Founder of One Big Game) and CEO Arthur Houtman (with prior executive roles at Atari and Disney).

Martin and Arthur both have a passion for immersive technologies such as VR and AR; they are convinced that these technologies will play an increasingly important role in the future of entertainment. Led by this vision, they have shaped Force Field into one of the world’s leading studios in VR/AR games and experiences production.

Over the first 4 years of Force Field’s existence the company has launched more than 10 consumer projects, all receiving critical acclaim and winning many international awards