Galaxy Grove is looking for a game design intern to join us during the second half of 2022. As a design intern, you’ll work with us on our newest management & building games, including our unannounced new train game. You’ll work on things like mechanics, levels, balance, difficulty and tutorials. Optionally you can also do Unreal Blueprint scripting (and learn this during the internship: prior experience with Unreal isn’t a requirement for this internship).

Be sure to provide an extensive portfolio, showing the quality of your best work, but also the diversity of your skills, plus your CV and cover letter. Videos or playable prototypes of the games, mods or projects you have worked on are a requirement: game design isn’t just about writing documents.

This internship is 5 days per week, of which at least 3 days working from the Galaxy Grove office in Utrecht. The other 2 days can be either working from home or from the office, depending on your preference.

To apply, please send an email to [email protected]

About Galaxy Grove

Galaxy Grove is new game studio in Utrecht, Netherlands, specialising in high quality 3D management and building games. Our games have a strong atmosphere, pretty art and unique, intuitive gameplay. We use Unreal and Blender and plan to release our first game in 2023.

Galaxy Grove is an inclusive game studio where everyone with a passion for making great games is welcome. We believe in helping each other get better at our craft, in learning new skills, and in a good work-life balance where overtime and crunch are avoided.