ImproVive is offering a 3D art internship to work on 3D modelling, animations and UI for VR. Our focus is on applied VR applications and games. We work for education, marketing, social welfare, healthcare and artistic clients. Our clients are from the Netherlands and abroad. We expect you to have experience with working on 3D games with Unity and to be able to show that in your portfolio. You should be interested in VR, and prior experience with VR is a pré. We are looking for someone with hands-on attitude, an eye for detail, and an interest in understanding how their art contributes to the project.

ImproVive is based in Amersfoort, next to Amersfoort CS. The position is open starting January 2023 and onward.  We are open to applications from both the Netherlands and abroad. Interns from abroad have successfully acquired an Erasmus scholarship to work with us. Working language is English. We have a fun team and offer a great opportunity to expand your portfolio. We offer an internship compensation.

About ImproVive

ImproVive is an Amersfoort based company working on media, games and innovation and specialised in VR. We have made unique  VR applications for art, training, marketing, social change, cultural heritage, and healthcare.

One of our special projects we are launching in 2023 will be Re:Action, a game on knife violence initiated by Mee & de Wering and supported by the Ministry of Justice and Safety.