ImproVive is looking for a programming intern that can help us with our VR projects. We develop in Unity for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. We are currently also looking at new platforms such as HTC Focus and Oculus Quest. Topics for the projects we are creating experiences for are multi-player VR, voice recognition, AI, storytelling and spatial Audio.

ImproVive is based in Amersfoort, not too far from the train station. Positions are open starting August/September 2019. We expect you to have experience with Unity and have worked with 3D games before.We are open to applications from both the Netherlands and abroad. We don’t have any financial compensation, but interns from abroad have successfully acquired an Erasmus scholarship. Working language is English.

About ImproVive

ImproVive is an Amersfoort based company working on media, games and innovation. We work on VR projects for entertainment, from an artistic perspective, for therapy, education and applied to Smart Cities. We launched "A Stickman Reality" September 2018 and are currently working on Hide & Freeze VR, Kinesics and Voices. We have showcased a multiplayer charades demo of Kinesics at A.maze Berlin, Indigox 2019 and wil be at Gamescom 2019 .