ImproVive is looking for a programming intern that can help us with our VR projects. We develop in Unity. Topics for the projects we are creating experiences for are multi-player, full-body avatars, AI, cloud storage, storytelling and spatial Audio.

ImproVive is based in Amersfoort, next to the train station. Positions are open from the start of 2022. We expect you to have experience with Unity and have worked with 3D games before. We are looking for someone with hands -on knowledge, but also the ability to think about the application architecture (HBO-level/applied university level). We are open to applications from both the Netherlands and abroad. Interns from abroad have successfully acquired an Erasmus scholarship. Working language is English.

About ImproVive

ImproVive is an Amersfoort based company working on media, games and innovation. We are work on VR applications for art, training, marketing, social change, cultural heritage, and healthcare, making unique and fun applications. In 2021 we had the opening of a museum application in Tuebingen, a live dance performance Immortal Game during "De Nederlandse Dansdagen", contributed to "Soul Paint" presented at Cinekid medialab, became partner for a long Covid application with UZ Leuven, adapted a supermarket application for Unravel, and are creating an application for visualising operating rooms.