We’re looking for a highly collaborative, passionate and skilled technical game designer who is up for the challenge of implementing gameplay mechanics for a AAA title.

The Technical Game Designer candidate will be able to create concepts for gameplay, implement gameplay mechanics within a game engine and is able to iterate quickly within a dynamic and continuously changing environment.


Essential Duties:

–  Coordinating and implementing special case gameplay scenarios based on the high level game design.
–  Owning specific scenarios: creatively iterating on the design and polishing the gameplay experience by collaborating closely with other designers, environment artists and programmers
–  Visual scripting to create gameplay mechanics.
–  Prototyping gameplay and bug fixing all with a AAA engine.
–  Playtest and iterate to solve game design problems in a highly collaborative and changing environment

Competencies, Skills & Knowledge:

–  Communicates with directness/candor and is adept at conflict resolution
–  High standards of respect and values strong teamwork
–  Adapts swimmingly to changing circumstances
–  Positive thinker with an ambitious drive towards quality and success

Essential Requirements:

–  2-3 year game industry and development experience.
–  Strong understanding of programming and AAA engines, editors and scripting tools.
–  Strong methodology and problem solving ability with a focus on creative, fun and innovative solutions
–  Strong and effective communication skills and organizational ability
–  Exceptional team player with the ability to collaborate without losing sight of the gameplay vision
–  Willingness to take design direction
–  Working knowledge of Maya & Photoshop.
–  Experience with 3D level editors such a Unreal 4 and/or other AAA engines


Portfolio submission is required for this position. Please focus this portfolio on personal contributions to your projects.



–  Interest in the technical aspects of AAA game development
–  Experience of developing third-person action games preferred
–  Good sense of cinematography and pacing
–  (Native) Dutch speaker


Interested? E-mail: [email protected]


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About Nixxes Software BV

Nixxes Software BV is a group of highly experienced game technology programmers. The company was founded in August 1999 and has since specialised in helping other game developers and publishers making the best out of their game content.

We do this either by:

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Over the past 15 years we have worked with machines varying from the Sony PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast to current-gen and next-platforms platforms. In addition we have a long history working with PC conversion projects and we are currently developing new technology for PS4 and Xbox One.

We strive to completely understand every platform we work on, and use this knowledge to get the best out of games. This way the game teams can focus on getting the best possible content, while we push the machines to make it all run well. We've worked on several products since we started, which you can find more information about in our projects section. We encourage you to try out these games, and we hope you will have as much fun playing them as we had working on them.