As a game designer you are responsible for creating the functional designs of the game. You make sure that the game systems align with the vision for the project, that the game is easy to use, and most of all that the game is an awesome experience for the player.


  • Excellent verbal and writing skills
  • Able to produce documentation that communicates a game’s design vision
  • Extensive knowledge of (mobile) games and mechanics
  • Up to par understanding of technical and creative game design process
  • Contribute to the creation of new concepts and pitches
  • Plus: knowledgeable about Unity

In order to apply, please note the following conditions:

  • You need to be an actual student
  • You need to speak fluent English
  • You need to have an internship of at least four months

We offer:

  • Diverse and challenging projects
  • A place at our Round Table, equal in voice and vote
  • Coaching and opportunities for personal development
  • A high degree of freedom and responsibility
  • An internship fee, internal game jams, board game nights and other events

We are looking for interns who:

  • Work well in small multidisciplinary Scrum teams
  • Challenge themselves to improve and open to receive and share feedback
  • Are passionate about playing and making games
  • Have a professional attitude and are able to work autonomously
  • Familiar with Scrum and preferably Unity

Cultural Competencies

Paladin has five core values that we’re looking for in team members:

  • Kaizen: We make positive changes on a regular basis.
  • Spark: We leave a mark, providing a positive experience for everyone involved.
  • Wholehearted: We love the work we do, and we commit to our work.
  • Adventure: We go off the beaten tracks.
  • Autonomy: We make decisions and take responsibility for our actions.

We Offer

  • Diverse and challenging projects
  • A place in a highly motivated and skilled team and an ambitious company
  • Positive, healthy work environment
  • Coaching and plenty of opportunities for personal development
  • A high degree of freedom and responsibility
  • Competitive salary and benefits

We work in autonomous development teams. This ensures tight communications, a real sense of ownership and truly agile development.

In our weekly round table meetings, all aspects of the company are discussed. We believe in transparency and autonomy, and this creates a high degree of freedom and responsibility. (Note that this is not for everyone, so please only apply if this concept appeals to your inner pirate!).

How To Apply

Does this sound good? Awesome! To apply, please fill in the application form. First come, first serve.

About Paladin Studios

We create games that make people smile – be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh, or evil grin.

Paladin is a game developer based in The Hague, The Netherlands. We are a team of 35+ knights, and our mission is to create games with a spark, for players all over the world. We achieve this goal by being a world-class game studio with soul, that brings out the best in people. That means a studio filled to the brim with creativity, professionalism, and good vibes.

Does this sound good? Awesome! To apply, please fill in the application form here. First come, first serve.

Some of our recent games include: