Ronimo Games is looking for a Junior Producer to join us shortly. You’ll aid us in continuing the development of our recently announced new game Blightbound, and assist in setting up a new future project.

Our ideal candidate is someone with a passion for games and game development. (S)he is  both an effective project manager and communicator as well as an empathetic team player.

Your responsibilities:

Support our team with current and future projects from concept to post-release
Support our multidisciplinary team of artists, designers and programmers, as well as outsourcing partners
Fulfill the role of assistant project manager using Agile as preferred method
Maintain the current planning
Identify any risks or bottlenecks in our production process and deal with them adequately
Take care of submission to platform holders
Manage things like functional testing, feedback testing and localization
Be the point of contact for all relevant stakeholders on our projects, like publishers and platform holders
Participate in quality control over development

This list is not inclusive. Depending on your experience and preferences some of these tasks may be transferred to another member of our management team, or other responsibilities may be added.

Our requirements:

Loves games
Some experience in the gaming industry
Has to be an effective communicator
Has to be a team player
Has to have an excellent command of English, both verbal and written
Great analytical and organizational skills
You can be described as friendly, helpful & organised

Our preferred skills:

Speaks Dutch
Has a good sense of humour

This is a Fulltime position. Due to the current pandemic this position will likely start out with working remotely, but as soon as it’s possible again this is a job in our office in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

About Ronimo Games

Ronimo Games is the Utrecht-based company behind the award winning online multiplayer games Awesomenauts (Steam/PS4/PS3/X1/360), Swords & Soldiers (Wii/PS3/Steam/mobile) and Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U). The company was founded by the creators of the original concept for the critically acclaimed free-roaming feel-good game De Blob. Ronimo is currently 29 people strong. Ronimo specialises in high quality 2D games and has its own multi-platform engine and tools. Ronimo is a licensed developer for all current game consoles.