We’re looking for an experienced console programmer to join us in developing our awesome unannounced new game and help bring it to consoles.

The main focus of this position is to port our engine to consoles and make the game adhere to console certification requirements. Besides that you’ll work on various other aspects of game coding, which might include PC development, optimisation, gameplay and tools.


  • High proficiency in C++
  • Experience with current generation console development
  • Shipped at least one game on a console platform
  • At least 5 years programming experience in the games industry
  • Passionate about code quality
  • Passion for games
  • Good understanding of the English language


  • Experience with network programming
  • Experience with C#
  • Experience with console certification
  • Experience with engine development
  • Good understanding of the Dutch language

What we offer:

  • A market-conform salary
  • An informal and open work environment full of game enthusiasts working together to make an awesome game
  • A central location in Utrecht city centre

To apply, please send an email to [email protected] Be sure to include a CV, cover letter and code sample that shows your skills with object oriented programming in C++.

About Ronimo Games

Ronimo Games is the Utrecht-based company behind the award winning online multiplayer games Awesomenauts (Steam/PS4/PS3/X1/360), Swords & Soldiers (Wii/PS3/Steam/mobile) and Swords & Soldiers II (Steam/PS4/WiiU/Switch). The company was founded by the creators of the original concept for the critically acclaimed free-roaming feel-good game De Blob. Ronimo is currently 27 people strong. Ronimo specialises in high quality 2D games and has its own multi-platform engine and tools. Ronimo is a licensed developer for all current game consoles.