We are looking for an on-site UI programmer with extensive Unity knowledge to help us with our new game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. This involves work on menus, but also the ingame flip phone, aspects of dialogue, the gameplay HUD, Making tools/arrangements for localization and console certification UI requirements and so forth. Tinkering with Unity’s provided UI systems and other general programming odd jobs can also occur.

– Shipped at least 3 games or worked at least 6 years professionally using the Unity engine.
– Interested, assertive, asks questions and communicates clearly with the rest of the team to create the best work within the scope and vision of the project.
– Can speak at least rudimentary Dutch.

– Skilled in typography, graphic design, illustration.
– Sense of style from being into streetwear, skateboarding, graffiti, hip hop or other street culture related activities.

We can offer:
– Working on highly anticipated action games with a strong sense of style, eventually on-site with us in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

About Team Reptile

Creators of Lethal League (Blaze) and Megabyte Punch. Now working on the highly anticipated Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.