The Indietopia Accelerator is looking for an inspiring program manager (0,4 fte) for its accelerator program in 2020-2021. The program manager is an avid people manager with a knack for project management. Together with the director of operations, they will focus on supporting startups within social challenges: projects that help the digital industry forward in a meaningful way. Indietopia is a non-profit organisation acting under an SBBI label: a social foundation.

In september 2020, Indietopia will launch five challenges that make an impact on society in different market segments. Challenges vary from content (perfect for freelancers), makers (where artists are involved), application backend (aimed at app developers), marketing / publishing (bringing a game to the market) and a wild card for entertainment projects. The assignments were carefully selected by companies in need of innovation and we will tackle these challenges with great care. Connected startups are supported by Indietopia throughout the entire process in a time frame of one year, from concept to product launch.

About the Indietopia Accelerator
When the accelerator program launched in 2018, the team focused on laying the groundwork for supporting an ambitious amount of startups. Spread over nine projects, 24 young developers, artists and business developers were able to work on a project of their choosing. A pitching round in front of an independent commission formed the gateway to nine very distinct games, apps and demos.

Indietopia revamped the aid system to now enable more freedom for its participants. Funds are more flexibly available and the challenges are now secured assignments as opposed to ‘open projects’ participants could apply with in our pilot year. It has taken the current team a lot of time and effort to establish partnerships with SMEs, cultural organisations and other stakeholders. We are proud of the results and can now offer five interesting challenges to startups or an autonomous self-employed, which will be published on our website in July 2020.

Your responsibilities
The digital industry is a continuously changing industry, with many challenges yet new opportunities as well. We notice that the digital domain is teeming with design talent next to tech talent. The current developments in our work field – from the perspective of Indietopia – create an ideal hatching environment for the combination of Creatives and Technology professionals. Our team intents to boost job opportunities with the year 2030 in mind and we try to prepare our primary and secondary schools accordingly. The following activities will be (y)our efforts toward a future proof industry:

  • Work with the Indietopia team in setting up the Indietopia Citizenship; a perk program and a proposition toward ‘friends of the foundation’;
  • Work with our director in acquisition of funds and new partnerships;
  • Work with and reach out to universities to discuss removing the gap between study and startup;
  • Organize seminars with speakers, pitching sessions and network events at Indietopia HQ;
  • Collaborate with our Prototopia lab manager in projects with overlap between the digital industry, and the maker industry.

Your profile
We are looking for the following profile:

  • An inspiring (project) manager who enjoys dividing leadership more than giving the lead;
  • HBO/WO (academic) level in daily operations;
  • A knack for documentation (project plans, communication plans) and hands-on expertise with budgeting;
  • A connector who also manages his/her own time; someone who knows how to network yet also knows when to close the blinds and crunch on policy papers.

What we offer
Indietopia is a young, growing organisation which acts as a bridge between universities and the work field. We support startups in setting up shop, applying for funds and preparing a product from concept to production-ready product.

We offer an inspiring work environment with an ever-growing team of enthusiastic marketeers, business developers and project managers. Indietopia in a nutshell:

  • An inspiring workspace within a community with a workshop area, a kitchen, an audio studio, a meeting room, a makerspace (Prototopia), five offices and ten flexible work spaces;
  • An enthusiastic, dedicated team of five employees who are committed to helping startups set up shop;
  • Ample opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our tools and technology for your own projects. This position is perfect in combination with your own startup or freelancing capacity;
  • A market conform salary within a part time employment that is perfectly combined with your own entrepreneurial activities.

Who to contact?
If you see yourself soar to heights within our team and enjoy helping other companies come to fruition, do shoot us a motivational letter and your resume through [email protected] before 16 August at midnight.

Contact person for this position is Merijn de Boer, director of operations.

About The Indietopia Accelerator

Indietopia is an ambitious development hub in the Netherlands, geared towards the following goals:

  • connecting indies
  • helping indies grow from Startup to Professional studio
  • visibility under the Indietopia label
  • providing affordable office space for developers
  • providing one professional agent for serious game customers
  • publishing of entertainment and serious games